Become a Volunteer

The Army Cadet program relies on parents and community volunteers for various assistance and support. Our volunteers are valuable to us and we are always looking for individuals of all talents and interests to help make the Army Cadet program a success.

With recent changes to both ACLC (Army Cadet League of Canada) and CJCR (Cadets Junior Cadet Rangers) policies, it became important to better define volunteers to establish clearer areas of responsibility, supervision, and accountability. For those reasons, all volunteers will fall under two possible categories:

a. League Volunteers are individuals who provide voluntary time and services to the ACLC, typically working for the Corps Support Committee, or directly for the provincial/territorial Branch or National organization.
These volunteers work under the supervision of the ACLC;


b. CJCR Volunteers (Civilian Volunteers) are individuals who provide voluntary time and services to the CJCR, usually through the Corps Commanding Officer, in the delivery and administration of the cadet program. The volunteers work under the supervision of the Corps Commanding Officer.

All volunteers go through an application process to ensure and offer a safe environment for the cadets.

As a volunteer, you get to see first-hand the benefits this program can offer our Youth today and watch them become leaders of tomorrow as they progress through the program.

How To become a volunteer:

Any person interested in assisting the Support Committee in carrying out its duties and responsibilities, while also agreeing
to supporting and furthering the objectives of the Army Cadet League of Canada, may join a Support Committee provided that they:

a.  Are at least 19 years of age;
b.  Are a Canadian citizen, or landed immigrants with permanent residence status;
c.  Are not currently a Cadet Organization Administration & Training Service member; and,
d.  Are screened or in a position to be screened in accordance with Army Cadet League of Canada Policy 10.1.

Read more on ACLC Policy for Volunteers see Section 10 MANAGEMENT– VOLUNTEER SCREENING AND MANAGEMENT. Click link

A fillable application to start the process can be found here. Click Link