Volunteer Service Medal Applications

Both, Cadets and Adult Volunteers, are eligible to apply for a Service Medal.



The Army Cadet Service Medal (ACSM): 

Service qualification for cadets, is after four continuous calendar years of service with an Army Cadet Corps.

Refer to policy 13.1 for more information about the ACSM, Click Link

Adult Volunteer Service Medal (AVSM): 

Service qualification for adults, is five continuous calendar years.  A member must have successfully completed a minimum five (5) continuous years of meritorious service with the Army Cadet Program as a volunteer working at a local support committee, and have been a registered member of the ACLC.

To find more information on Adult Volunteer Service Medals  and applications, Refer to Policy 13.17 for details & Policy 13.17A for the application form.

For more information you may also contact your Provincial Branch at nlaclbranch@gmail.com or check out the National Website.